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Hello there. I call myself Mampfwurm everywhere, if you're wondering what a "Mampfwurm" is, it's that worm creature thing you can see two of in my profile picture. I used to have a knack for making up all kinds of wierd creatures and doodling everywhere.

LMMS has always been around for me, but it's only during the last two years that I really started to focus on it. I worked with all kinds of trackers for oldschool soundchips like FamiTracker, DefleMask (when it was still free), OpenMPT and even the Reality adlib tracker (for MS-DOS), if anyone knows that one. As you can probably guess by that choice of programs, I used to be really into chiptunes. Now I'm more interested in video game music in general but also discovered EDM through purchasing old demo records on flea markets. I still love the sound of some of these old consoles like the NES or Master System and there are some abolute gems out there (like the OSTs of "Journey to Silius" or "Silver Surfer"), but nowadays I'm more interested in the style and essence of such music than meeting the specific technical limitations of that hardware. But I still really like the old tech (I have a 486 from Compaq with some ablib knockoff and a lot of old toy keyboards knocking about for example).

Somehow LMMS just really works for me, I don't know if it's the interface, the fact that it's free or that I can just load in all my samples and cheesy old midi soundfonts, but I will probably sticking with it for the forseeable future, at least until I feel confident enough to invest into some professional software - which would be really expensive, so it doesn't feel justified for someone who is still mostly toying around, especially since LMMS already does everything I want right now. Also I'm a bit of a Open-Source fan.

It might be surprising to hear considering these interests, but my biggest interest actually used to be composition, not production or any technical aspect of music. I wrote a lot for piano (my main instrument) when I was younger. I've lost touch with classical music since, but I still like how music, when done right, can really bring something to life, like a certain level in a game for example and that's the kind of experience I want to create.

I'm still learning though, I feel it's only in the last two years that I really started to have an idea of what I was doing with my music. I have zero formal education in music apart from piano lessons and know nothing of music theory apart from all the formal stuff you need to know for writing sheet music correctly. I'm entirely self-thaught with almost everything I do. So I'm spending a lot of time trying to learn from the Soundtracks I enjoy most, by studying sheets, midi files, VGMs, etc and trying out differenz things. That's why you will probably see a lot of covers from me as well as my original stuff - and why I might the only one creating scores of his work as documentation.

So I'm mostly here to learn through sharing my stuff and receiving feedback, as you can read below, I'm very open for any suggestions, advice or opinions. But I'm also very curious about everyone elses work on here, so I will probably be spending most of my time here in the "Music Projects" category.
Hello! I'm Redler Red7, but you can call me Red or Friede. I'm an writer, artist, composer, and animator from the Philippines.

I taught myself how to write music roughly four (4) years ago which is also how long I've been using LMMS. I mostly stick to video game instrumentals, honing my composition and mixing skills with the same few instruments I've been using since the beginning. I think I still have a long way to go and I feel like I'm starting to hit a wall where my knowledge of how to use the program is starting to hold me back, but I figured who better to help me out than the very community that uses it.

Unrelated to music, I also draw and write, mostly fanworks of various media. I tend to feel much more comfortable in those mediums than composing, but that's partially because I've been doing them for longer.

Here's a link to my soundcloud and a youtube playlist of my songs for anyone interested in what my music sounds like.
Hello. I help maintain the Ukrainian translations of the free software my friends and I use. This includes Bibliogram and CryptPad. I would like to update the LMMS translation. Please confirm my join request. You can hear a song I made under the name Суспільне Надбання in lmms-1.3.0-alpha.1.102, the new sample track splitting feature of which I used to arrange and mix the vocals I had recorded on my phone with the LineageOS built-in recorder app.
I am an kid that loves LMMS i only had 5 months experience of LMMS

And i also use ableton and cakewalk i had 1.5 year experience of those DAWS

But my favorite is LMMS
Welcome. :)
Hello. I am Lev. I like to make some music: chiptune and experimental brostep are my favourite.
G'day everybody,

I'm Mirko, a free software enthusiast and (wannabe) music producer. I like happy hardcore music and slav hardbass. Dubstep and other EDM genres are great, too.

I'm relatively new to music production, and I like learning stuff about it.
Musicbear's friendly replies brought me here.

I'm semi-new to this. I work retail part time and I have an intense drive to create music professionally. Even though it's not something very lucrative, I'd still be very proud to share my inspiration with others.

Music I like includes industrial/EBM; such as And One, Die Krupps, Combichrist, Noisuf-X, SAM (Synthetic Adrenaline Music), Modulate, Ayria, Zombie Girl, Nachtmahr, Xotox, Fabrikc, Santa Hates You and soooo many others.

I also like some psytrance, along with black metal, death metal, doom metal, folk metal, new-wave, goth-rock (such as Diva Destruction, Lame Immortelle and One Eyed Doll, Creature Feature and Aurelio Voltaire), and Horror Punk. (Here's a very unique band I came across from Mexico: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXRmI6PBLFo )

Besides that, (for mainstream music), I generally like anything before the 2000's (even Aqua lol!)

I like everything macabre and weird. I'm also a big anime fan and enjoy getting into memes and geek culture. (Newgrounds is a cool site for the latter). Strangely, I like cute/kawaii things too.
Also, my favourite cartoon of all time is Courage the Cowardly Dog.

I'm a 30-year old man and live in Canada. I love fancy coffee, cooking, animals and I have very earthy and bubbly vibe. I also love conspiracy theories.

It's a pretty weird introduction but hey, we're all our own one-of-a-kind special snowflake. Nice to meet you all! ^_^
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