Help me understand working of the voice oscillator better

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Hi guys, I was trying to create a sound using two voices :
Voice 1 - White noise
Voice 2 - Background sound to help make white noise sound fuller

When playing with the voice oscillator for "Voice 2" I am unable to make the modified waveform persist. What I did to create my desired waveform is as follows :

- I started with changing the Base function to Saw
- I changed the default saw waveform using the 7th slider within the slider matrix below
- Then, I click on Use as base to use the changed function as my base function
- Now, I again did some changes using the sliders in the slider matrix below and then closed the window

But, on closing all the GUI windows of ZynAddSubFX when I come back to the LMMS piano-roll the changes made before for "Voice 2" are all gone and all I can hear is the white noise with the default sine wave's sound.

On inspection, I have had following findings :

1. After making desired changes to the waveform in "Voice oscillator" and not closing the ZynAddSubFX windows if I come back to LMMS and play any notes using the piano roll the effects/changes I have applied persist and I am able to hear it meaning :
-- the changes aren't lost until I close the ZynAddSubFX windows the effects/changes made persist without any issue
-- the moment I close all windows or I guess even until the "Edit window" for ADSynth all the effects/changes made previously are lost !

2. This only happens when I try applying effects over the modified base function which is "Modified Saw wave" this means :
-- To understand this easily lemme make the process simpler :
1- We change our base function to Saw
2- We apply changes to it
3- We set this new changed wave (which would currently be showing only under "Oscillator" box) as our base function by clicking on the "Use as base" button (this changes the wave showing under "Base Func." box as well)
4- We apply more changes to the wave showing under "Oscillator" box to achieve desired results

-- If we stop at step 3 as mentioned above the changes made persist without any issues BUT if we move ahead and do the step 4 as well then the all changes are lost entirely and the wave resets itself back to "Sine"

I tried my best but couldn't figure out the reason behind the issue. Please help me out debugging the underlying cause and fix this or if I am lacking knowledge then pls enlighten me. Thank you !
ldev wrote:
Fri Apr 12, 2024 11:34 pm
closing all the GUI windows of ZynAddSubFX when I come back to the LMMS piano-roll the changes made before for "Voice 2" are all gone
That is odd.
Settings in ZynAddSubFX are never lost for me.
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