Hi community,

one track is finished now and it fits so good to my expections that I
need to share what happened.

First of all the main part is a combination of kick, hihat and snare.
So I created a kick like always added a snare and hihat and combined
these three instruments to a kickdrum pattern. Now the special thing about
this is
that I took the snare and the hihat (just small changed,
in fact a clone of the hihat used in the kickdrum) and sidechained
with the kick the snare and the hihat. What I like to explain is that
snare and hihat from the kick drum are now similar to the rythm of the kick.
This creates a kick, a snare, an a hihat at the same time but
sidechained by the kick with peak controller. I explain the peak controller
later but the kick you have now acts like some sort of heavy machine
pounding in the track. Really good sound and what I love. (DnB, Jungle,
Breakcore inspired).

Now the peak controller. This is a really useful sidechain effect.
It just behaves a bit different like other effects. You have to be
familiar with the controller section (right side, bottom where you can
choose piano roll, tracklist mixer and the other stuff).

First you pick Peak Controller as an effect. At the same time a
controller named "Peak controller" will be created. The difference is
now you control this "peak" controller in the effect section. There
it behaves like a normal controller.

Now you can use your knowledge about controllers to choose your to be
sidechained instrument, put it in the mixer and create a controller
connection between the instrument and the peak controller. Now your
instrument is sidechained an can be controlled from the knobs
of the peak controller.

This helped me so much and puts the workflow to a gamechanging level.

This is the track. Maybe you here the super cool kick and maybe even the sidechain effect from the kick to bass and other sounds.

Good luck!