Removing end clicking when reversing samples

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So im reversing the sample "bumble_bass" but there occurs endclicking. I have raised the attack to 0,0016 to remove the start click, but how do i end the end clicking? Also does anyone know any good bass sample packs?
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syrutuwro wrote:
Wed Sep 27, 2023 6:11 am
Reversing the sample "bumble_bass" there occurs endclicking.
-Its all about selecting the part of the sample. You need to have no volume in both attack and release point.
Take a look at the picture
All purple-points represent a safe point to both start and terminate playing the waveform. The blue rectangle represent ONE such selected part of the waveform, but any selection with a purple start-pos. and a purple end-pos. would result in click-free output.
So you need to make both start-point and end-point in that way.
Magnify the spectrum and place both start and end on the horizontal 0-output-line
I go through AFP uage in this: