New Fall Phonk Trap Beat--Catalysta Bonita

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Happy Friday & (Impending) Fall Equinox, Team LMMS!

Despite the creator fatigue that I have, I've pulled through and finished my 1st of 2 September beats. This time, it's a phonk-infused trap/metal hybrid beat called, "Catalysta Bonita"! Kinda seductive, but have a listen and let me know your 2 cents!

via SoundCloud: Catalysta Bonita
via YouTube: Catalysta Bonita

I'm slowly coming back, team! Let the 5th year of Aezaleator beat-making commence...
Rad beat bro.
I dig the catchy bouncing beat of this one. 8-)
Naturally,'re right! I threw in the occasional phonk cowbell elements. Other than that, it's a bouncy way to kick off year #5! I hope it ends up on a club's playlist sometime!