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This is my first upload using lmms (I've worked with Reason in the past).


Basically, it's just using lmms with some soundfonts. I'm not too disappointed with this, although I'll need to fuss about with the automation and get the instruments at the right level, and I might replace the oboe if I can find a better one (it sounds wonky in the middle).

All in all, though, this is excellent software. Thanks so much to the lmms crew!
Lovely melody :)

Miss some dark strings
càn i hàvè thè projèct?

i wànnà rèmix this mèlo in à dubstèp thing :D :roll: :?
Oh! This is a really nice classical type music track. :o
I wasn't expecting it to be a classical type music.
It sounds very Rpg like. Good for a Final Fantasy or Zelda type game. With lots of elves in it.

Wooah!! "What the FUB?!!!!" :shock:
Love the instrument at 1:50 playing in the background.
It makes the music track sound more uplifting.
And gives a more "vibrant, heavenly feel," to the song. :shock:

All in all, this is a fantasic piece of music. Great job dude. :mrgreen:

PS: It reminds me a bit of clintforsythe music. Here in the Projects section of the forum.
Check it out...........https://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/lmms ... 16&start=0

It's nice to see we have a couple of Classical type musicians here on the Lmms Forum.
The more the merrier. :D
Very nice piece. I wish you well on your musical journey.
I simply uploaded my first tune song using LMMS, and let me inform you, it has been pbeen ay journey! Having laboured with reason in the past, LMMs delivered a sparkling journey to the table. I need to say that I'm incredibly blissful with the outcome, even though there are a few areas I want to tweak. The automation and instrument stages require some fussing about to get them just right. Additionally, I'm on the lookout for a higher oboe sound font due to the fact that the contemporary one sounds a bit off in the middle.
But overall, I have to provide savings where they are due. LMMS is a high-quality piece of software. It has provided me with a platform to discover my musical thoughts and create something meaningful. I'm absolutely grateful to the LMS crew for their tough work and dedication. With their support, I'm assured that I'll proceed to enhance and produce even better tracks in the future.
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