It sounds like you are experiencing some issues with LMMS and VST plugins on your Ubuntu 22.04 system with Wine installed. Here are a few steps that you can try to resolve the issue:
Make sure that you have the latest version of Wine installed and that it is compatible with LMMS and your VST plugins.
Check that you have installed all the necessary libraries and dependencies required for Wine and LMMS to work correctly.
Try running LMMS and your VST plugins in a virtual machine or container to isolate any potential conflicts with your system.
Check the LMMS and VST plugin documentation or forums for any known issues or solutions to similar problems.
If none of these steps resolve the issue, you may want to consider reaching out to the LMMS or Wine support community for further assistance. Immaculate Grid
Hopefully, one of these steps will help you resolve the issue and get back to creating music with LMMS and your VST plugins