Embeds! Pretty, functional embeds!

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that we now have functional embeds for a lot of media. For most use cases, simply putting a link in your message should automagically turn into an embed, but to make absolute sure, the bbcode tag is [media]. If you don't want your links to embed, use the URL bbcode tag [url]!

Unfortunately, posts made before now will not automatically convert without being edited, which can be a hassle (if even available). If you have any other questions about this change, feel free to ask below.

To demonstrate with a soundcloud link, I'll take this opportunity to shamelessly self-plug:

It looks so good! Cheers!
What websites though? I think I did not do it right, it doesnt work on some sites

Quoting this meme from the Bababooey channel in LMMS discord

[media]https://www.bandlab.com/embed/?id=1caae ... 1ac5b31de6[/media]
https://www.bandlab.com/embed/?id=1caae ... 1ac5b31de6
https://www.bandlab.com/vortexsupernova ... 1ac5b31de6



vortexsupernova wrote:
Mon Dec 21, 2020 5:00 am
What websites though? I think I did not do it right, it doesnt work on some sites
Unfortunately the extension that enables this only has so many sites added in the default install. The documentation shows that new sites can be added, but it seems a little complicated so it might take some time to add them as they get pointed out. It appears that bandlab and newgrounds are not supported out of the gate, which is disappointing. But it did have one for Clyp! It was just disabled for some reason. Fixed...
Pulsatio wrote:
Sun Dec 20, 2020 3:01 pm
Epic first post, buddy :lol: