Best of LMMS volume 7

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It's that time of year again! Best of LMMS - Volume 7 is now live! View the rules and other details on the submission form.

Please note that submissions will take some time to update on the public submission list.

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Great stuff.

What does everyone else do when they dont know what track to enter.

I have a track i feel is my best, but feedback i have gotten from one of my other tracks outweighs the track i like.

If i posted both, could i get some peoples opinions on which one they feel is the best?
I switched to Ardour a long time ago, but I've still checked this forum every few weeks because I liked this contest a lot last time.

I will see if I can get LMMS working again, along with all of my plugins, so I can submit something!

Also, would it be okay if I submitted mine to another contest at the same time?
Heres my entry,

Good luck to everyone,

Beyond The Eye, ... 9d7e73e479

My track, "Glow From The Aftergloom", submitted...

Here goes nothing...good luck and Godspeed!
Closing date tomorrow,

135 entries so far.