Problem with crash01.ogg sample

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When I play crash01.ogg sample with LMMS, the duration of file is 923 ms. But, when I open this sample with Audacity, the duration is 1311 ms. It means that it miss 388 ms at begining of sample in LMMS. I think this problem appeared since LMMS 1.1.90 version. By the way, I'm on Windows 10 64 bits, 8 GB RAM, 1 To HHD, processor 2,7 GHz 4 cores, AMD Radeon R7 Graphics...

The video of problem:!AurPWHDfJoZok3zxD8O ... _?e=qgbJPt


Thanks for reporting!

I see this on one of my machines. I don't think it's in lmms but in one of the ogg related libraries but I'm only guessing.
crash01.ogg seem to have some issues though. I get a warning in ogginfo but it may be unrelated.
The sample should be fixed (re-exported). The ogg library should be able to handle simpler issues in the sample.

Code: Select all

$ ogginfo ../data/samples/drums/crash01.ogg 
Processing file "../data/samples/drums/crash01.ogg"...

New logical stream (#1, serial: 5673b3d5): type vorbis
WARNING: Vorbis stream 1 does not have headers correctly framed. Terminal header page contains additional packets or has non-zero granulepos
Vorbis headers parsed for stream 1, information follows...
Version: 0
Vendor: Xiph.Org libVorbis I 20020717 (1.0)
Channels: 2
Rate: 44100

Nominal bitrate: 160,003000 kb/s
Upper bitrate not set
Lower bitrate not set
Vorbis stream 1:
	Total data length: 10088 bytes
	Playback length: 0m:01.311s
	Average bitrate: 61,548576 kb/s
Logical stream 1 ended
Thank you!