Official Release of 1.2.0

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On LMMS downloads page, you will now find the Official Release of version 1.2.0
This release replaces 1.1.3 as the current stable release.

Alternatively, you may download LMMS Linux and Windows versions from the following links.

Windows 32x ... -win32.exe

Windows 64x ... -win64.exe

Linux (Currently only in 64x) ... 4.AppImage

Have fun!
Great, absolutely great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys who made it happen!!!!
Just got the update! Now that I have it, I'll have to get used to seeing everything in this new format. It'll take me a bit, but I'll get there eventually. Thanks to all the developers who worked on this!
I activated LMMS 1.2.0. It would be cool, if LMMS had an FLAC-Export. I alway export as ogg, because I dont want to have wav or mp3, because it is proprietary.
juergen1990 wrote:
Sat Mar 07, 2020 10:49 pm
It would be cool, if LMMS had an FLAC-Export.
This is already implemented on the development branch so it will show up in future lmms-1.3 .
When is 1.3 coming ?
Wow! This announcement represents an effective encouragement to use a free software. Many thanks for your ambition! :lol:
Now it has been 6 months since 1.3.0-alpha.1. Would it be possible to release 1.3.0-alpha.2 ?