Spam embedded in "questions": Do not click it!

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unfortunately our forum has been 'victimized' by 'clever-bots'.
They are 'armed' with a key-word -Like 'LMMS' and then they spider-crawl the net, and find any subject where the key-word appears, make a full copy, inject a huge chunk of spam links, and then they post a new 'question' here.
They are intermediately recognizable because of the injected chunk of links, often in the middle of the text!
If or rather dismo ..when you se posts like this, do not waste your time answering the 'questions', instead, please help us and mark the post, by pressing the Report-button -Its the red one with the exclamation-mark!
Okay, well understood !
I had come across a few posts in the past with odd links embedded into them, i wondered why they were there.

I reported one yesterday after reading this post and it was gone by today.

Well done for being on the ball.