Having trouble layering several lines

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So I recently installed LMMS 1-2-0-rc8 on my computer, running a windows 10, 64-bit operating system.
And I soon realised that I cannot layer more than four basslines, throughout the track, say I want to edit in acid squelches or something on top, this becomes a problem. I can add another line, but when I do, my other basslines stop working. As in they go completely silent.
When I then open my pervious basslines in the beat/ bassline editor, I have to make them again.
(This problem also applies for the 1.1.3 version)

Why is this, and how do I fix it?

I am thinking I could save other basslines seperately, and try to put them in as one line in a new project, but this seems like an unnecessary step to have to take. And with my current direcotry problems, I do not have the opportunity to test it at the moment.

Thanks in advance,
ToniK wrote:
Fri Apr 12, 2019 6:29 am
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I can add another line, but when I do, my other basslines stop working. :: how do I fix it?
That is annoying. i thought that bug was squelshed .. Guess not.
If it is this old one again, i suspect you have a muted instrument in song-editor(?)
Somehow this mute 'spills over' to a bass-line.
Thought it was fixed :(

If you do not have this 'mute' i need to see the project. You can upload to any file-service, and send me the link as a PM.

Let us know the outcome :)
Hey MusikBear,
and thanks for a quick answer, and sorry about the late reply :)

Yes, I had a muted intrument in song-editor, fixed that, and it now works :)
Thanks for the reply, and help :)

- ToniK