LMMS.exe - Error Message (Appcrash) On Closing

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Hi and Happy New Year

Sorry, if this has been covered elsewhere; haven't had time to look

Getting LMMS.exe (APPCRASH) error message, when closing LMMS. Just, a teensy bit irritating. Project data saves OK. I am running on Windows 8.1 64

Grateful for any advice/fix. Will re-install if I have to, of course. Presume, this is my only option, after data back up

I only tend to get crashing error messages if I save right before closing LMMS, more specifically when the saving popup is still visible in the lower left corner.
Probably worthy of a bug report. Should be reproducible on other platforms, although IIRC, some resource cleanup on master (unstable) branch has made its way in which may have already fixed this, but feel free to leave that to the developers to vet out. :)
twazzo wrote: Getting LMMS.exe (APPCRASH) error message, when closing LMMS.
Does this happen every time, and in every project
Please test these 2 situations:
1) open an empty new project. -Close lmms -result?
2) open an empty new project, and test-save it -Close lmms -result?