Do you consider yourself addicted to the internet?

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Mr. Lumbergh wrote:
Tue Dec 10, 2019 8:06 am
Barretoproducer wrote:
Mon Nov 18, 2019 4:47 pm
We all know that technology helps us a lot to compose and do other things, but do you consider yourself addicted to the internet or not?
Just because I lay in a corner and twitch when I don't have access, that doesn't mean I'm an addict.
I've always seen the web as a large, endless library of knowledge. who wouldn't spend a lot of time there?
I would not say I am addicted to the internet. But I have spent many hours over the years searching the internet for information. I still rely on YouTube videos for information about certain subjects, such as retro gaming and computer art. I also watch films on legitimate free movie sites, notably

Also I buy most of my stuff online, other than groceries or other items which are in my local supermarket. I communicate using email or texting. I rarely use my phone for speaking with people.

I even did telemedicine one time. I needed a referral to a specialist, and the insurance I had then allowed me to get the referral via webcam chat with a physician. The insurance covered the fee for the webcam chat and referral. Too bad I no longer have that insurance.

In other words, I'm not addicted, but I am dependent to a large extent. I would not like having to go back to the world before today's internet. It could be done, but it would be much more time consuming and difficult in many ways.

The exception in my case is social media. I used to waste time on social media, engaging in chats which were basically useless. I made a brief exception recently so I could check out the new Twitter, but I've already deleted my account.

I used to spend lots of time on tech forums, but I've found that even the best ones tend to be time wasters. There are some good ones, such as this LMMS forum, but it's an exception in my experience.

The worst thing I've noticed about the internet recently is that there is tons of dupicate material, and I think much of it is generated by AI or is simply cut and pasted by bots. It's obvious there are lots of websites which are meant to attract hits from search engines and somehow to monetize that traffic.

If I could change something, it would be to have better search engines. Basically IMO they are all rubbish now, due to irrelevant results and the truckloads of duplicate sites I mentioned. I waste so much time now tracking down useful information via search engines. I hate today's search engines, but I still need to use some of them. Usually I start with DuckDuckGo and then try Yandex. I only try Google as a last result.

I will admit one addiction I used to have, which was online gaming. Eventually I got over it, but I did spend some sleepless nights, and sometimes would play an online game for several days at a time, only sleeping when I could not stay awake. Not healthy at all.

I am considering right now if I should try online dating. Lots of people are doing it, but there are some obvious privacy and security issues. I suppose that could become an addiction once I start, so I would need to keep it under control.
I'd say I'm pretty reliant on the internet for daily tasks and entertainment, but I wouldn't go as far as calling it an addiction. It's more about convenience and staying connected rather than feeling compelled to be online all the time. However, I do try to balance my screen time with offline activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By the way, have you ever considered trying Lost Mary MO20000 vapes? They offer a nice way to relax and unwind without being glued to the internet.