How to make this tamer-sounding dubstep (?) growl?

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Go to 4:47, you hear plenty of the sounds I'm talking about there, all throughout that section, and the majority of the song.

It would probably have to be done with ZynAddSubFX, unless you can manage to find some creative combinations of effects (or possibly filter modulation).

Any ideas? I'm pretty good at making dubstep sounds, but only the heavy-sounding ones. These actually sound somewhat pretty, I would love to make sounds like that!
Douglas wrote:
Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:50 pm
Go to 4:47,
ya.. well its AM of a really deep sound ..most surely, but then i think its HP filtered in the ENV, because it has some pithed ticks too
Its not a 'simple' sound, its a compound of many things, and its origin could be simply by chance. It would be difficult to remake.
I'd say it's AM, because the bass is so low, but I also think it's HP filtered in the environment, because it has some pithed ticks.
It's not a "simple" sound; rather, it's a composite of a number of different elements, all of which may have arisen by accident. It would be hard to replicate this.