[Found] Looking for a song by Skiessi named Advance

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Hi every one,

First sorry if it's the wrong board, I think it's the most suitable for my request.

I'm looking for the song called "Advance" made with LMMS by "Skiessi". This song was stored on sourceforge at this address : https://lmms.sourceforge.net/demos/Skiessi-Advance.ogg . (I guess it was a demo song made with LMMS and which was used as a demo). But recently it seems this place (lmms.sourforce.net) does not exist anymore. I tried to find this song on google/YT/SoundCloud/.... but with no success.

You can hear the song as background music in this tutorial (no relation to LMMS) : https://youtu.be/3atVWEEITQ0?t=69

Do you have any idea where I can still find this music? Or does anyone still have this music somewhere?

Found it on archive.org
https://web.archive.org/web/20190510123 ... dvance.ogg
It is a cool song!
The user, Skiessi, seems to have an LSP account https://lmms.io/lsp/?action=browse&user=Skiessi
I'm not sure if it's theirs, but... you might have to download and check every track if you want a chance of seeing the original project file? ...not a fun task. Anyways, you've got the ogg file which you asked for.
Oh thank you so much !

I didn't know archive.org also archives audio files.

I've downloaded all the projects of Skiessi on LSP but unfortunately none correspond to this music.

Anyway I've been able to download the ogg, I really like it.

Thanks again :)