Root Note detection/display (Can't be the only needing this)

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Every single sound has a root note but not every audio file/sample is recorded at that root note. Why does this matter? well because when you start making music, everything is not at the right pitch or note. So when using an audio sample for example an 808/bass or a brass hit sample, it makes it hard to get pitched right with all of your other instruments. Thus making da song sound like trash.

I know Ableton and Fl Studio have this thing implemented.

My Question is why hasn't this feature been added? Or maybe it has and I'm just blind, you tell me.
Maybe someone knows a plugin that can do this exact thing or website?

I'm saying something like when an audio sample is played it would display "recorded at A"

Or like the key note of an audio sample since not all samples are recorded at root note C5. The closest thing to rootnote in LMMS is the little green bar on the piano role of any sample but that doesn't tell me what root note it was recorded at.
oh silly me from the past hello, I solved the solution for now. Just use a VST Plugin called tuner. It will tell you what is the root note of the sample easy peasy.
Maybe LMMS new update can come with Tuner Pre-Installed or make their version. I don know buy hey problem solved. Also use that wine shit for Linux, the only way to make Tuner (A Windows Plugin) work with the Linux version of LMMS!
A tuner is in the works right now. It should hopefully be ready soon with LMMS 1.3.
It's going a little slowly, but rest assured it's being worked on.