sample track to beat slicer

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i dont really see the point in the sample track as it is
sure it can play samples you have on your laptop/pc but the audio player does that to
and the audio player adds more options
so i propose that the sample tack either become or be replace by a beat slicer
there are many reason that i cant think of right now that a beat slicer would be good for
also since the game Friday Night Funkin is so popular right now it would be a perfect tool to use chromatic scales made by the FNF community/the user themselves
that is my offer
The purpose of sample track is a single track. If you have a two-minute long track nobody's gonna use AFP and stretch out a note a few hundred bars long, change its length each time you change tempo, etc.
The purposes themselves are completely different.
What do you mean by Beat Slicer? I've never heard of this before. If you mean slicing a beat into individual drums.... AFP is the beat slicer you're looking for.
Sample track's purpose is for importing a track itself. AFP, is for importing actual samples so you can use them as instruments. The purposes are different, and enough people use Sample Tracks for actual non-instrument sample-tracks that they don't want to stretch out carefully over bars.
It also helps reduce confusion when looking at song editor, whether something is a single long note or a sample.
TheCreeperKidKing wrote:
Sat Sep 03, 2022 12:55 am
i propose that the sample tack either become or be replace by a beat slicer
Aaand Monospace explained why that not is going to happen.
Besides that Sample-track can be used as Looper-software

Besides that, AFP can be used as beat-slicer as i showed you yesterday