Weeks. [Upcoming Epilogue]

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One of my first project files I made after my dad bought me a good PC. Enjoy!

As commented on YouTube: It's very cute! And I don't mean that in a condescending way, I guess it's just something about your sound. I think the samples you use play a big in part that. It's excellent background music either way. This one has a little bit of a chiptune style - not "authentic" chiptune, but still recognizable. I like thin square waves like that. Very light.

Though I think the mix might need some attention at around 1:13 onwards. The chords don't seem to mix well with everything else and there is some clash in frequencies. Either it's overdrive (your mix is too hot), or it really is some frequency clashing. Which unfortunately is a thing with simple waveforms like that and I would (1) recommend either some equalization to get rid of whatever is causing it or, (2) if it's the chords themselves, playing around with pulse width for these sections (assuming you're using Nescaline - this kind of missalignment between different pitches of the same waveform is a common thing on 2A03-like soundchips and typically approached like that - unless it's caused by vibrato).

Okay, enough techno-babble about the NES' 2A03. Sorry, I'm a geek like that. Unless you want me to talk about this kind of stuff, in which case I would be happy to provide.
As I listened to this tune, I said to myself, this chiptuney tune sounds really fun and cool. I agree with the youtube comment, that it has a cute sound to it. :D
Woah, thanks for the tip! It happens whenever I over-compressed stuff using OTT. Next time, I'll use it sparingly just in case my mix gets way overcooked.

To another person replied, yes! I really need to achieve this new "Kawaii" thingy which I found sweet in my taste. I'll make sure to make more tracks that will... hopefully not to cause your ears having a cavity XD
Kawaii! 8-)