"A soundfont could not be loaded"

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What does that mean?
There is a theory that our thoughts -humans- or any thoughts actually - , are sent somehow everywhere around the universe .
The universe maybe sends stuff of its own too .
And because we don't know exactly what's in the universe we may not know where some things come from
All or maybe not exactly all humans receive these thoughts subconsiously and create stuff .
what we try to make is some idea that came from one or many people , or something else .
why we do what we do there is some reason unknown .

Yes there are many more theories . :lol:
It means that the file you tried to load in LMMS, has soundfonts used that you don't possess on your system (but the original maker had on theirs). Therefore, a soundfont(s) couldn't be loaded.
This also occurs if you have an uninitialized sf2 instance- ie, a track on the soundfont player that doesn't link to any soundfont and is in fact empty.
that makes sense. I loaded Voltage Modular, but didn.t load or build anything....