Crash after 30 secd of recording notes

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Elo! I'm new to LMMS and I have a Midi keyboard. nice.

I installed the "MDAPiano" VST (that is stable in your tested VST list) and when I record from my Midi keyboard, if I record too long (more than 30s) it crashed. I havn't done anything yet, and it crash when I play a lot of notes in the same time. But I need to do that for my songs... What is the problem? And what is the solution? please. Thanks :D
Hi ,
I'm not an expert and I have not used the plugin you have the problem with , so I 'm not sure whats happening .
It could be many reasons something doesnt work .
If you cant use any instrument that came with the LMMS installment you can try download the plugin " DSK the grand " ,
its free and I have not encountered any problems with it and it looks good also :D
ennmis_prod wrote:
Mon May 03, 2021 2:04 pm
Elo! I'm new to LMMS
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I installed the "MDAPiano" VST
Good choice !
if I record more than 30s it crash.
'It' ?? Do you mean LMMS or MDA-piano?

( By 'record' i assume you use either of these two buttons:
in the middle of the picture?)

What i like you to try is to
* shut down your pc
* unplug your midi-keyboard
* restart pc and only use your PC-keyboard, then 'record' for more than 30 secd.
What happens?
If you can record with no issues, then it is 'something' with your MIDI-keyboard, or cable.
Let us know the outcome :)

please post your:
* Name of your Operative System (Windows/ Linux/ Mac) And subtype (Home' 'Mint' '10.13' aso)
* lmms version, and the site where you got it from
* lmms sound device chosen ... o_Settings
* hardware specification (ram & soundcard is the most important)
* Name Mark and version of MIDI-Hardware
* Buffer-size Latency setting ... l_Settings

Ps. I edited your topic title, so it describes the real problem