(NOT sure if this is the right place for this)

Having trouble with LMMS? Ask about it here.
Im new to the whole production world and making instrumentals...
I have been looking around for ages... me being the idiot i am brought FL 12 and basically made myself broke... FL is complicated for someone new to the industry and trying to learn... LOL i say learn i mean learn for dummies aha!!

Anyways i come across LMMS downloaded installed and getting ready to get into it...

Does anyone know of any basic tutorials for dummies (haha) that help with getting use to the layout how to import sounds and where to get sounds from and vst possibly free lmao... (FL broke me aha)

Any help is really appreciated as i have noticed the whole creating music helps with my mental health keeps me chilled out and relaxed and i have enjoyed videos i have watched of people making beats and got me very interested! Now i want to give it a go :D

any help really is appreciated
Hope to meet some new people who can help me.
Thank you in advance.
And very sorry if i have posted this wrong.
ZillaBeats wrote:
Thu Dec 05, 2019 1:53 pm
Im new
Hi, Welcome to the Forum ZillaBeats !
Here are all important links:
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Yes your post is on the right forum
Does anyone know of any basic tutorials for dummies (haha)
No, because here we never think about anyone as Dummie, we think about peeps seeking knowledge :p
-and that is a good thing!
There are many resources on youTube
My own Rookie-guide Link in signature has been received nicely. You could start there.
You are also welcome to ask about anything you find difficult here in forum, and if you need a tutorial, just ask.