Problems loading a track/sample

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Upon loading a track, on the sampler, or the plug in, it simply disappears.

I don't know how to put photos, on this message. But, it's really as simple as I said. I open lmms, left click on the sample track space; left click on this selected space; then, I select my file .wmv, .mp3, and it disappears.

Same thing with the audio filer processor, the difference being, it does not load the file, simply - and the name of it stay put in the audio file processor.
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I select my file .wmv, .mp3, and it disappears.
Ye, you have chosen two formats that are not supported (yet)
Lmms supports:
* wave
* ogg
* ds
* flac
You can use f,i. Audacity to convert from any format to a supported one