Any way to get CPU (idle) usage down?

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I just compared the same project (same plugins) - Reaper vs. LMMS. I found some interesting results. The ZynAddSubFX instruments were in perfect tune with LMMS but not necessarily with Reaper, where two of such sounded weak and off-key.

However, Reaper's CPU usage at idle was about 5% while LMMS was about 14% (WiFi shut off). I find when I'm doing stuff with LMMS, this can put a strain on my humble i3 CPU (with 8GB ram). But I like so many things about LMMS, and I'm finally getting the hang of how it works!

Are there any settings I could tweak in LMMS to get the CPU (at idle) down?

Windows 10 Home.
newsguy wrote:
Thu Apr 29, 2021 1:00 am
Are there any settings I could tweak in LMMS to get the CPU (at idle) down?
In idle your best option is to see if you are running other apps that is not necessary.
You could pull the plug from net, and shut down virus scanner and firewall, when you work with lmms, there may be other proggies as well. MS has Skype initiated pr default, and afair MCNS is also on default..
Check Start-menu, and disable everything you dont like
The most aggressive CPU hawk in lmms is samples with highest interpolation. Almost all Sample.files does fine with medium interpolation, so if you have highest selected, you may be able to lower cpu.usage a tad
Thank you so much. I dislike how Windows 10 forces apps on you. Disabling some of them is only a temp. affair at best! However, when using Linux and Wine, I found the CPU at idle even more demanding. I am thinking the WINE was the culprit but really do not know.

I will certainly go thru the list and see what I can disable in Windows. I had not thought of the Firewall. Great suggestion.

I should add that possibly when I did the first test I might have had REAL VNC running. It's easy to overlook. So I did it again without the Remote Desktop and the numbers came down a little bit. About 1%. Also, in fairness to the Reaper dev., I realized that the midi being offkey was due to export-import problems. It still doesn't sound nearly as good, though, even when pitch corrected. Zyn's "Space Guitar" is awesome on LMMS and quite weak on Reaper---out of the box, I mean.

Really look forward to the two-sceen LMMS that hopefully will appear in future. I know it's a lot of work and you do it out of the goodness of your heart.

Appreciated! A lot! 👍