How to run Carla in LMMS?

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Hi everyone. I read somewhere that you can open VST3 plugins within Carla on LMMS and I really want to try it out.

I have little to no knowledge about code/programming. I'm running Windows 10 and I downloaded the 32 bit Carla for Windows expecting that LMMS wouldn't recognize the 64 bit version. In the Zip folder there's a Carla exe that opens Carla as a stand-alone program (no installer opens). Other than that it's a ton of files that make no sense to me.

I can't figure out how to open this program LMMS. Is it even possible? Thank you for any infos. :D
*Update: I just realized this whole time I thought I had 64bit LMMS. (Woops!) I did find a program called Jbridge that converts 64bit plugins to 32bit or vise versa which is handy. I also thought vst3 meant 64bit and vst2 was 32bit.

So I guess I achieved my end goal. I'm finding LMMS has pretty great VST support after all. I used to run LMMS on Linux yet I'm finding Windows is better as so many plugins have to be installed first in either Windows or Mac in order to get the dll plugin.

Silly computers... there's too much to learn. Sorry for the false flag. ^_^
With Carla in Linux, you can launch VST2, VST3, DLL, LV2, LADSAP, DSSI... in LMMS. It is true that not all plugins work.

You need to install Carla on Linux and all its dependencies.