Correct Installation of WIN VST in Linux

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next question regarding VST stuff
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VST is WIN stuff and some of the VST Synths need to be installed.
Typically the installation happens in wine directories under Linux.

How does that relate with the fact, that lmms needs the VST files in the VST path.
(Does it?)
It is also not clear how that relates to the additional files, which (may) come with the different packages.
(Settings, presets and such )
  • Do the files have to be copied to the lmms default VST path manually?
  • Do all the different DLLs have to be in ONE directory or is it possible to work with sub folders to organize the different synthies?
For instance the Synth1 provides several files (presets and such).
  • What is the correct way to store them, so synth1 has acess to its related files?
(Which is probably the reason for the fact , that only one preset is available in VeSTige)
This is in general not an issue.

With synth1 though, before you use it, you need to run an .exe file.

On openSUSE, I do this by right clicking the .exe file, then choose open with wine.

Although in broken English, this file which should be in your synth1 folder explains it:

A case to use for the first time

1) You carry out setting initialization tool "initsettings.exe" in the directory same as this file. Then setting is initialized.

2) The VSTi DLL is called “Synth1 VST.dll”. Copy this file to the VST plugin folder of the host application.