Cant configure Illformed's Glitch2 Vst effect

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Hello sorry if this seems uneducated, I am, but I recently got Glitch 2 after seeing some videos on it. I've got it installed correctly and I know how to use it I just can't for the life of me find out how to add it to a track and have it actually receive an input. I could really use some help from someone who has used the vst before and knows how they got it to work. I can not find any guides on how to set it up with lmms and the only thing Glitch2's guide says about the process is

1) Glitch inserted on an audio track:
• Add Glitch directly to an audio track.
• Create a MIDI track to contain your scene control notes.
• Route the MIDI track's output to the instance of Glitch.

2) Glitch inserted on a MIDI track:
• Add Glitch directly to a MIDI track containing your scene control notes.
• Route some other track's audio into Glitch via the plug-in aux or sidechain bus.

Please refer to your DAW's user guide for more detailed instructions on how to route audio and MIDI between tracks and plug-ins.

And from what I've gathered those two options are impossible on Lmms. But I'm also a noob so I'm most likely wrong.

Just add the glirch fx in the mixer and then route your instrument or sample to that fx
oneswoodude wrote:
Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:33 pm
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I know how to use Glitch2

Woooo ... that is a sentence not often spoked ....... :P
Glitch do have the craziest UI and general usage i can remember i have seen in a plugin.......
I just can't for the life of me find out how to add it to a track
2 things here:
1) Glitch is a FX-plugin, so your installation of glitch must place the glitch-DLL in the VST-plugin-folder, you have defined in Settings!
When you have done that, then you should see Glitch as an option, when you open a FX-tab and browse the LADSPA and installed VST-effects.


I am not sure you can make Glitch perform!
You MUST make sure Glitch can pass our 5-step-test ... t_VST_test
All dials and selectors must be savable!

Besides that, since you are new in Forum
Welcome oneswoodude !
Here are all important links:
-A few rules and useful forum instructions
Glitch1 does, I dont know for the 2nd.

And I have to agree, I use it but almost do not master it, weird UI.

I often use the randomize button :D
I just installed the demo version of Glitch2 earlier this evening, actually, but there are a couple things to remember:
  • Even if you're running LMMS in Linux, make sure you actually download and install the Windows version. A .so file is standard for Linux but they don't play nicely with LMMS for some reason; make sure the file extension after unpacking the ZIP is .dll.
  • As Musikbear mentioned, load Glitch as an FX plugin directly into the instrument you're trying to apply it to using the General Settings for that track. In Song Editor, click on the icon next to the instrument name. If you're using ZynAddSub as the instrument for example, the icon will look like a sine wave with two knobs under; if you're using VesSTige as a container for a third-party synth, click on the on the red-green socket icon next to the name. This should bring up a small window with a piano keyboard at the bottom and volume, pan, & pitch knobs and range and FX channel indicators at the top. Under that bar will be six tabs, one that looks like an electrical plug, then a waveform, an offset stack, and FX as the fourth. Click that to open an empty "EFFECTS CHAIN" box under the tabs (make sure the green indicator is on next to the label also, that means the efx chain is active), and above the piano keys will be a button to "Add effect." Click on that and type "Glitch" into the search bar; if installed correctly, it'll show in the list and you can add as an effect to that track, and its GUI should appear. If not, copy the "Glitch2_32bit" and "Glitch2_Presets" folders from wherever they installed into your lmms/plugins/vst folder; all effects plugins need to go in there as that's where LMMS will look for them, assuming you're using standard settings. Quit and restart LMMS if necessary after copying if necessary so it refreshes. If you try loading the 64-bit version of the effect, you won't get the GUI, so stick with the 32.