Where To Get Soundfonts?

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I just upgraded to the latest LMMS, & it is saying I need to set a default SoundFont, I follow the instructions, but the area is blank. where can I download the Soundfonts to use? It recommends general midi soundfont.
I believe they are meant to be .sf2 files

It's been a few years since I last used lmms, & a few years before that I had to deal with uploading stuff. Im sure it used to come with, but it was years ago, so I could be likely wrong. I'm back to being a beginner again & knowing nothing.

What Soundfont download sites do you recommend?

Thanks in advance
I use the TimGM6mb.sf2n from this page: http://www.timbrechbill.com/saxguru/Timidity.php (selection of soundfonts on the bottom of that page). Or, since I'm on linuxmint, FluidR3_GM.sf2, which I believe is in just about any linux repository. I don't use soundfonts that much though so I don't know what the hip kids use.