crackling sound when playing midi keyboard

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Hi, i'm using LMMS again to play some sounds from my midi keyboard. I notice that there is no delay from when i play a key to what i am hearing ,so that's great. but i do notice a bit of a crackling sound. I'm just wondering what could be some possilbe reasons for it. could it be the chord to my mid keyboard. or the headphones i am listening through. or could it be some settings i need to change ?
Your sound device may require some latency.

You should up your latency in the audio settings.
You must find the right setting beetween latency and right sound.

What is your os? What audio backend do you use?
i'm connecting the midi keyboard directly into the computer. i'm not using an audio interface. i'm running windows 10 with and i7 core. are you saying that latency could be casuing the crackling sound ?
Yeah that can do that. So7nds like xruns.
What audio backend do you use?
Yoi may try sdl but i m pretty sure that adding some buffer may solve this.

Internal soundchip are not good for real time playing/recording.

Give latency a try and tell us the outcome.
audio backend ?
lmmsguy29 wrote:
Fri Oct 25, 2019 11:58 pm
audio backend ?
That is the soft-ware component -a dll, that 'talk' to your hw. In all versions of windows. the best choice is SDL. You set the choice in your Edit| Settings/ Audio

Otherwise 'crackles' can occur from steep envelopes in either attack or release
Read ... #Envelopes
i checked all those things. but after rebooting my computer its seems to fave fixed the problem.

so thanks for the help