Song editor horizontal scrollbar

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Hello All,

I recently responded to a problem about scrolling awkwardness

It's quite problematic on my system (1.2 with Windoze 10), meaning that opened windows (Song Ed., Piano Roll etc etc ) constantly get 'lost' - in the sense that they can't (easily) be moved or scrolled.

It occurred to me that a future version could, for example, always maintain the Song Editor's horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the screen at all times - so that it's easy to scroll around (in 'time') rather than having to 'vertically scroll' first, in order to find the (frequently obscured) horiz. bar.

Sorry, not that easy to explain . . .
back_to_work wrote:
Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:54 am
they can't (easily) be moved or scrolled.
They can!
Roll mouse-wheel:
* alone will scroll vertically
* +SH horizontally scroll
* +Ctrl changes magnification
If nothing seems to work when this happens save the file you are working on and restart LMMS again. I usually save and restart LMMS many times a day at the first sign of something going haywire just in case. Also always save your work as multiple files. About every hour I will add _2nd_save, _3rd_save, ... to a file so I have back copies if something goes really wrong.