Cover of a Classic song

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Hi !
A few days ago Gps had the idea of recreating the famous song of Visage - Fade to grey and I did the same thing too , it was much fun !
So... 1 song wasn't enough for me and I don't know how I think of this but I made a cover of Smooth Criminal with elements of the Visage song and added - changed a few parts and things so it's a cover :lol:
It's first time for me uploading a cover so lets see what happens . I hope I won't be facing any problem ? I uploaded it with commons license on souncloud and not claim any rights or sell it , it's just for the fun of the music experience . ... -old-songs
Good job :)
Thanks ! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't think of this .
I will probably make a few more covers

these I have in :
Space - magic fly
a Yellow Magic Orchestra song
a Krafwerk song
Axel F maybe ?
There are alot of songs that I cannot think off now . Eighties !

Do you have any Ideas ? :)
Kraftwerk - The model ( or Das modell for the same track with German lyrics) is one of may favorite tracks.

Space - magic fly, cant wait for that one.

Gonna google a Yellow Magic Orchestra song.

You could try some 80 ties house.

Or Giorgio Moroder - Chase

New Order - Blue Monday ?

Alan Parsons ?
An update on the previous covers along with some new ones !
These are some classic favorite songs .
What you think ? Is it enjoyable or boring - bad idea ? I'm thinking of a few more :lol: ... -old-songs

It's just for fun and I was thinking to put a link with the mmpz files in case anyone is interested to change and improve or play with these. I only use LMMS for this .
Is it a violation to distribute them I don't know . ... sp=sharing

Here are the mmpz files in case someone wants to check and play with these .
it's more interesting than listening to the songs . I used some free midi files as a starting point but there are many things to correct and add . The Kraftwerk song needs the most work I guess with the vocoder thing I cant get it to work . It's such a delicate and balanced song .
I like Atomic - Blondie, I think you captured the spirit.
It's the song that declines most from the original . And the vocals play such a huge part .
At least I got that intro correct I want to believe :) And the sound is as it is because of the fade to grey theme on all ( for no particular reason) , it could be better or different I think .