Old School 2000s-2010s Techno Comp

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Bring back the old days?

2000s Techno forever!!!
EDM has taken over reeee

:geek: Song is here: https://orbitalink.bandcamp.com/track/d ... l-techno-1

I am a man who enjoys today's hip hop and modern EDM, but my soul will always be bound to the hands up techno of my very childhood :) So I'm starting to make my comps in the older style like "Miniature Fantasy"(Platform Racing 2),"I'll Fly with You", "Raver's Fantasy" ect and of course the legendary New Grounds style ^_^

Wait. Don't forget Trance 007!

Like most compositions from this era but not all, I have succumbed to the 4 chords of Pop, or in this case, Techno or Hands Up or whatever you called it back then. (80s Techno is a polar opposite to the style I am referring to XD) I'm just beginning and fortunately this style is more "primitive" so to speak or at least way less technical than pulling off some dubstep.

Oh yeah, these songs are being produced via the "Rapid Song Challenge" where a song has to be finished in at most 2 days if not a single sitting. They'll be refined later though.

I'm am probably going to use Epic Face or Shoop Da Whoop as the Album Art or even Doge ;)
We'll be waiting for those tracks!
Fun sound.

The choice of sounds is weird in a good way.
Keep it up
Anonymouqs wrote:
Sat Jul 20, 2019 6:07 pm
:geek: Song is here: https://orbitalink.bandcamp.com/track/d ... l-techno-1
Cool song dude!
The sounds you used in this, sound really cool.
I dont see an option for pre 2000's oldskool......

My Raving days began around 1992, burned like a raging fire right up to about 1998, it was that year i felt it had changed for the worse, about a year and a half later, friend of mine gave me free ticket to this Gig, it was the best legally run gig i have ever been to........

https://909originals.com/2019/04/29/hom ... -us-smile/

The LUSH tent that the video is from is where i was all day, standing in front of a speaker that was two foot taller than me, every track being played all pre 2000, i do like a lot of music from 2000 onwards, but my heart is in the mid 1990's.

Dont think i can make a track in two days though.