How do I Separate Life and Music Production?

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I’ve been having problems with just living life in general, and producing music. How do I live a life without spending all my time on music? This is more a question of just scheduling it and being able to retain ideas over a prolonged period of time.

Thanks for the advice!
Don't see the problem. You're living a musical life. Consider yourself lucky to have a passion, and super-duper lucky if you're actually good at it. **says the computer-hobbiest who now works in I.T. I haven't been overly lucky in life, but I nailed that one, at least.**
Without knowing how much time you devote to your music, its a little difficult to advise.

My own example, weekend gone, i done nothing with music, it was all garden work. During last week, spent two nights working at it for about three hours each night.

Weekend before, spent five hours Saturday morning at it and nothing on Sunday.

This week so far, listened back to two songs i have not done anything with for at least a month, have listened to them over and over for two days now noting what i dont like and want to change.

So i suppose, what i would say is,

Dont treat your music with any less enthusiasm than you are currently, but treat other things you have in your life with similar enthusiasm when you are doing them. Enjoy it all.
Thanks for the advice! I currently have been spending several hours a day on it, so it’s been kind of a problem that I’ve started noticing. Again, thanks for the advice! :D