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I do a lot of orchestral composing/arranging in LMMS and I've been working on a Python script to convert mmp files to MusicXML xml files for easy import to MuseScore (I've not tested the MusicXML output with any other notation software like Sibelius or FInale though) ! I think it's at a somewhat usable stage now and would like to share it.

Here's the GitHub repo:

Once you have the script and an mmp file to try, you can just run 'python [file path]' and the output should appear in the same directory as an xml file with the same name as the input file.

One important caveat: I typically name my tracks by instrument name like 'oboe' or 'piano', etc. so depending on how you name your tracks the script can miss out on some tracks. The fix is easy though - in the script I have a list of names that should be included in the output (see lines ~25 - 31 in the script), which you can modify. Sorry it's a bit limiting in this way; definitely something for me to work on improving.

The main goal of this script is just to help significantly reduce the time it takes to get notes from the piano roll in LMMS onto sheet music. If it's helpful to anyone, or if there are any suggestions to improve it, please let me know!

Thanks for reading!
syncopika wrote:
Sat May 18, 2019 5:40 pm
and would like to share it.
Thank You!
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