Zooming out the whole DAW

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Is there a way to zoom out the whole DAW in the screen? not complaining here just on the monitor it's great but on laptop the up Tab/half where there's the BPM and basically the whole functionalities of the DAW i found it just too big and taking much place, where i'd spare it for song editor and so on, so is there that possibility? Sorry for my English and as i said if it is not possible it's okay. Thank you :)
Selartos wrote:
Mon May 13, 2019 6:49 pm
if it is not possible it's okay.
No LMMS cant do that, and afair it is not a feature in the downstream. I also think that when LMMS gets bookmarks, and ability to 'jump' to a specified bookmark, it will be more versatile and have better usage, than a total-view, that would be quite fiddly to manage.
If i didn't get you wrong i think there's such thing, like F5 to open up the Song Editor
Selartos wrote:
Mon May 20, 2019 12:27 pm
F5 to open up the Song Editor
Nono those are the KB-keys to toggle the components! All can be toggled that way
No Bookmarks will be for song-editor, and piano-roll
The idea is that you set a bookmark, name it, and a marker will be added to the time-line.
Then you will be able to open a list, and select your bookmark.
The result is that both playhead, and view 'jumps' so you now have that bookmarked section in focus.
So you can 'jump' from 'intro' to 'drop', and do not have to scroll and look for the section manually
Aaaaaah now this is a great helpful idea! Getting more organised instead of zooming the whole thing
Will that be a feature in the future?
Selartos wrote:
Wed May 22, 2019 6:53 pm
Will that be a feature in the future?
I hope so, but when is not scheduled,

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