Favourite LMMS Producers

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In all honesty, I don’t have a preference for genre. For me, I listen to all music, so it would be unfair of me to say what genres I prefer. I do like a lot of ACYDE Music’s stuff though.
I like almost all of the LMMS producers that I've heard... there's too much talent in this forum to make a list that isn't miles long. The one that stands out to me the most, though is HexPhosphorus. Not only does his music rock, but his sound is one of the most unique that I've heard on the platform.

Sort of unrelated: I was oddly excited when I recognized a couple names on Brandystarbrite's list.
Hi the wolfpack,

I mainly listen to dub, but here are very few dub freaks on LMMS...

When it comes to EDM, big up to Davide Naldi :
Yep we may be the only two Mo :D
Sadly enough Sahaathyva...
And quite surprising since LMMS is such a great tool to create dub tracks.
Yes indeed it s a good tool for dub, but explain it is odd I think.

Dub is not a mainstream music, it s confident style.

I think what n3w producers want to do is mainstream like edm or trap 😊

I personnaly dont like edm, trap if it s well made may be suitable.

But I listen even to edm made with lmms just to know what sound can edm producers achieve with lmms....and that can be instructive or inspirate to get some surprising sound as dub has always eat all music style to renew itself.

A bientôt