Who do you look up to, musically?

Find a song that you like or that inspires you? Post it here.
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Deadmau5 - Strobe
TheFatRat, CURBI, Da Tweekaz, Coone, and Headhunterz (The ones I can remember atm)
REOL (stylized as RΞOL) is a (disbanded) Japanese group which consists of:

Reol - Vocalist, Lyricist
Giga-P - Producer
Okiku - Illustrator, Movie Director

Generally, their roles tend to get mixed and they help each other in doing anything. Even the illustrator does backing vocals sometimes.

My favorite song from them is titled "RE:".

Their style of J-Pop is just really cool to me.

REOL - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB6pJF ... dQj4AdLdyA

RE: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m85HJODlIYI
Orchestral composers like: Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, Ramin Djawadi, James Horner and Alexandre Desplat, Thomas Bergersen and anyone who composes for Audiomachine

Although I mostly composes orchestral music, the person that motivates me into making music is Alan Walker :mrgreen:
My own work. Metal. Check it out.

Haiduk – Subverse
tresf wrote:
Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:03 pm
  1. Please share someone/something that you look up to musically . :)
  2. Please provide a link (if possible) :mrgreen:
  3. You can post any type of artist. :)


this song is a masterpiece by ten walls and its base line is laid out perfectly if you ask me.
My Inspiration is the musical project Enigma, created by musician and composer Michael Cretu

XKore. :evil:
I grew up listening to The Charlatans, Beastie Boys, and Primal Scream; all bands that tried to do something a bit different.

The obscure artist I like is Ten Lectures on Art https://soundcloud.com/tla904383094/tracks; he's got more tracks than followers but there's some good stuff in there (Yellow Nine and the original version of Goldfish are probably my favourites).
Hey everyone! This is my first post. Anyways, on topic, the first real musical hero I can trace back to is Axl Rose. If you look past all of the bad traits, he's actually a very talented and knowledgeable musician. As a 14 year old discovering GN'R, I was pulled in by the attitude and the way he delivered the lyrics. I could go on all day. As for writing electronic music, Avicii was the one who really made me believe that I could write quality music if I worked hard enough.
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