Who do you look up to, musically?

Find a song that you like or that inspires you? Post it here.
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For Classical music views will be Mozart, Chopin, Bethoven, Rachmaninoff, Bach, and many more.

For county music will be Johnny Cash, John Denver, Ray Price and many more.

Pop and Rock music will be Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Prince, Neil Young, Freddie Mercury, and many more.

For Pop and RnB will be Withney Houston, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, Usher, Tony Braxton and many more.

For Jazz will be Duke Ellington, Art Tatum, Bill Evans, Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, and many more.
It’s so cool seeing everyone’s inspirations!

My 3 main inspirations are:

Jonsi - https://youtu.be/2guwCl9yw38

The music he makes with his partner is always beautiful.

Poppy - https://youtu.be/avIYww4cHmE

Seen her live twice and both times were such a fun energetic experience. Always love her constant musical evolution.

St. Vincent - https://youtu.be/TAdARF4rGcQ

Amazing songwriter and guitar player. Always making cool projects
Alicia Keys. There is an upcoming album and I've so enjoyed by track "Best of me" (sampled with parts of Sade's- Cherish the day)

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