Portamento ?

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Gps wrote:
Mon May 31, 2021 9:43 pm
Maybe I am closer then I thought...
I would say close enough
Remaking as in cloning 1:1 is almost impossible, even when someone has the same synths, that being HW or soft-synths. Many bands cant even remake their synth-setups used on an album, when they have a gig in a concert-hall.
Didden Charre say something about not having touched the special setup on a synth used for equinox, because he knew he would not be able to get that sound ever again?
I am not happy with this sound, mostly because I don't understand how this synth1 preset works.
Something to figure out. :)

Why does it swell ? Its probably the filter, it did not seem to be the lfo settings.

Getting 100% the same sound especially with analog synths is indeed impossible.

Two the same models already do not sound 100% the same.
There is also a vid were a Synth of Jarre gets out of tune, and no matter what he tries, it refuses to go back in tune.

With some help, found out, what makes the fade to grey sound. (The organ like sound)

It's the vox humana preset on the polymoog.


Then somebody on the KVR forum said:
This is not a simple patch, someone sits at the synth turning knobs while playing. If you do this in a DAW you need to use some automation lanes to achieve the same.

The note starts already at 1:20. The (mono)synth was prepped before by playing the lowest note on its keyboard. Then the Portamento is turned all the way up, so the pitch rises slowly from that low note to the high A. The curve with fast start and slow near destination is natural for simple electronic circuits. When the pitch is at its destination, portamento is turned down again, so pitch follows the keyboard naturally again. There is a separate envelope generator (ADSR) for the filter. The attack of that is raised, that causes the wow wow: modulation of the filter cutoff frequency. Sometimes if notes are played overlapping, the envelope is not retriggered, so then the wow wow effect is missing.
I am impressed and very happy, I at least understand what he is saying.
Although I still feel like a total beginner, me understanding his reply does shows I learned allot.

I love how he points out how they prepped the real hardware synthesizer.

The first part of his reply I already have. Pitch automation. This slide is also at the beginning of the track.
It needs some finetuning though. Through his reply, I wonder f I should try to make that slide span more notes.

After watching some polymoog vids, and recognizing it from the vst I found, I might give that vst some more study.
One problem in LMMS(Linux) through Vestige is though, all labels of all knobs are missing.
It does make sound, and the knobs do work. It does not have presets, but the sound it does make out of the box, is that Vox Humana sound.

The vst does not have those blue preset knobs.
SpinEternal wrote:
Tue Jun 01, 2021 12:05 am
Hi !
The first part , the "slide" is a pitch bend , after that when the lead starts I think that effect is a phaser probably with some live tweaking and speed adjustments .
A cool phaser vst that might work is the Full Bucket Phaser because it's an emulator of phasers of that era .
You can also automate it's functions and has some presets too .
The hard thing about this is what sound was used to begin with .
If you have that full bucket phaser check this test , but I didnt automate anything :

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MKR5mI ... sp=sharing
I have opened and listened to the file. There is one problem, when I open the project LMMS says it cant load the vst.

I have that vst installed but I think I know the problem. On Linux we cant use 64 bit vst and looking at the name you are using the 64 bit one. :)

Still your file shows I am the right way.
I got a midi file through the KVR forum.

LMMS imported it without a problem. :)

It has the last part I am fighting.

Its not easy to figure out though, because its more tracks in one midi track.

There is a second note pattern that sometimes overlaps with the part I have trouble with.

So I need to figure out what notes belong together. Then I can try to start to automate that cutoff frequency.
This looks very interesting to try remake this song but I was wondering what happens if you publish it on soundcloud for example . Is it ok to post it there ? And what are the options ?

I continued too with this experiment . This time I went halfway through the song and got the notes correct with some youtube videos for help , sorry about the previous file it was wrong hehe !
Also this file is only with LMMS vst nothing external . About the automation , I made some random stuff on the effects of the channel of that solo thing , still It's very hard to imitate it as Musicbear mentioned .

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E2Gz7c ... sp=sharing
I never had problem with posting covers on soundcloud, but I always point out who made the original.

We have Chris Payne to thank for fade to grey, he started this track.

One tip about your cover for the bass. Use zasfx and a brass preset. ;)
Gps wrote:
Tue Jun 01, 2021 10:30 pm
Getting 100% the same sound especially with analog synths is indeed impossible.
I am yet not sure i listen to the correct instrument:D
We are talking about This

that starts at 0.19 -right?
The guy in this video go through every setting!
I think the type of instrument today would be called a Drone with pitch-modulation
Synth1 would have been perfect, except it only have 2 OSC, and a limited sub
You need 3!
Then TAL could be an option, but i am not sure about pitch-modulation
Then we have the hottest synth atm
Vital is all about modulation, thats what it DO
One of the oddest soft-synths could also be a candidate
It has a pretty steep and looong learning curve. A mountain to climb
talking about climbs ofcause leads to zasfx..
PAD-synth is a Modulation synth, but here we have issues with automation :/
I was reading somewhere about that part and its a Korg Arp Odyssey the old model , they also made a new one somewhere around in 2015 .

But I have this surprise I found the matching sound in zynaddsubfx ! (about that lead)
It's in choirs and and vox folder the preset Vocalmorph1 , it's almost the same !

The bright piano parts are the same too the preset termolo1 in synthpiano folder .
The Bass is the same also as Gps say the brass presets !(thanks!)
Now the pad and the extras in the second half of the song I'm not sure but its good I guess.

Have a listen :D :

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NDHvGh ... sp=sharing
That sounds nice :)

I know its a polymoog because the guy who started this track told this in a video.

I at first did not understand him, what was he saying ?fox humata ? wtf is that.

But it was Vox Humana, preset number 7 on the polymoog. :) Because the minimoog was missing.

I think it was on these forums, somebody point out its an organ thingy,

Yes I saw that vid trying to learn everything possible !

He talks about the pad thats all over the song thats the Vox Humana preset from the polymoog , and the brass - bass sound.

I just read somewhere that for the small lead part in the middle of the song (The one that sounds like theremin as Musikbear said at 1:12) Billy Currie used the Arp Odyssey synth
It may be false information it's not something official . And there is not evidence about it , someone wrote that Billy Currie said that in an interview . Its possible though :D