Liquid-Improved (tweaked a good theme)

Working on a theme for LMMS? Post progress and get feedback.


- A new version of the liquid theme by tony, many thanks tony!

I forked the original project because i think it is a great design but the theme was kind of unfinished.


- Add more contrast in buttons
- Add a known background
- Color the looping section (song editor & piano roll)
- Edit the large arrows in the mixer
- Edit the loop enable/disable button to fit with the other buttons (song editor & piano roll)
- Edit the grid in the piano roll and automation editor to be brighter
- Replace all piano keys with the normal black and white but a bit less bright
- Edit the oscilloscope to fit with the rest of the theme (flat)
- Make the selected notes in the piano roll orange
- Native plugin browser is now flat
- Make the pattern tracks in the song editor more visible
- Highlight current window bar
- Fix the bug when marking notes or scales in the piano roll
- Fix the bug in the LB302 GUI
- Fix the bug in the LFO controller window


- Polish details

Here it is:

I really liked aesthetics
wil beats wrote:
Fri May 22, 2020 6:33 pm
I really liked aesthetics
Thank you, The Version 4 is out, i updated the link