Anyone that can give an opening date?

Or has the coronavirus put this on hold now to?
Hey Guys,

when does the entries for BOL 7 begin?
Thanks Musikbear, i am looking to make a four track ambient EP as it happens.
I am Not being smart, but i think you will find a lot of what you after here,
This is not my style of music, but I have to say this is really happening, so much going on in it.

I loved the sound of the Vinyl record spinning down, and loads more sounds, very heavy stuff and well put together.
Sounds good also, very well put together and flows well, i would say though you need something to break the repetitiveness of it, with maybe a vocal or another sound that is not part of a melody or drum sequence. I have to add also, that this is not my style of music so my ideas and comments may be ...
The tune and content of the track is perfect, but i think as you have pointed out, it needs something over it vocally as it kind of is very same all the way through. Thats not a criticism, i just think it will work well when you something that breaks up the repetitiveness of the tune. (Few more bars...
My latest release, appreciate any feedback, loving this, a nice little acidic number to go with my tea in the morning! I can't think of anything you could do better with this really - I absolutely love how you've put the talking over that acid bassline &...
Great flow to the track and sounds also,

One thing i would change is the Kick is quite weak, but thats just my preference for tracks, i like to hear the Kick punch through.
My latest release