My favorite electronic soundtracks . from Thundercats from Conquest from Bladerunner
Hi :lol:
This is a prog rock song .
It's inspired by Conan , the Knight Rider and a little bit of Dracula !
I think its good and funny for me !
Ok ! First I want to say that you change the song a bit , is that because of copyright issues ? is it illegal to make it lets say 90 percent similar ? If you make it just for fun or If I just post only the LMMS file here? I have never uploaded a song anywhere haha I dont know much . I see what you m...
Hi there ! i'm not sure what you are trying to do and I wish I could help. Maybe it has to do with the vst's tuning? This interesting video explains in a simple way, something very weird about the foundations of music . It's about symmetry and imperfection of the music scale . I dont know how this a...
When you click the vst , there is the square thing above the keyboard notes where you move it to select the tuning of each instrument .
In LMMS it is by deafult 3 notes higher than it should be (or something like that) !
Hi ! Your previous song with the very happy theme was very good ! and the drums also ! Here for this song I think that its good also and a less funky drum pattern would enhance the atmosphere I guess ! Did you make this song in just one day ? Do you do it just for fun ? The sounds you used remind me...
Oops ! You are right ! I added one extra note by accident ! haha ! I say its at 95% precise .
Good luck with the project !
Hi I tried to make the bass line for LMMS , thought it would be interesting ! yes no arpegiator needed !
I watched a youtube video and used the bpm from some official site .
113 bpm .
I hope it can help ! ... sp=sharing