Try using a low-pass filter on the dirty reece synth. It will cut off the higher frequencies giving it a "muffled" tone quality. Good luck to you!
In specific, I am looking for the kind of kick in this song. ... -sky-remix. It has a nice presence to it, and I want to replicate that. The kick starts at 0:55. Thanks!
I have been looking for a really punchy kick drum for a house track I am wanting to make. What I want to know is if anyone has any good kick samples, or maybe some advice on how to make my kick really hit. I would appreciate the knowledge.
Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it.
Thanks for the warm welcome! Since we’re talking about VST plugins, do you know any other good free ones? I’ve been looking for some recently and haven’t gotten much of anywhere.
Never mind! Found out it does work on LMMS. Thanks anyway!
I recently discovered a VST-plugin called Keyzone which provides an all around good quality piano sound. I was wondering if LMMS supported this plugin. Despite my research, I have not found whether or not LMMS supports this plugin or not. If anyone knows, it would be greatly appreciated. I am new to...