No problem, just thought I'd mention that, because that's what I do.
You could just put it in the project notes, which are available in all versions as far as I am aware. That way you won't forget about it.
I have just released my first track "The Happy Monster" on SoundCloud! Please go take a listen and tell me what you think! ... py-monster
Yeah, when you're using Supercharger, be sure to hit sidechain on the drum track, otherwise it will make things like hi-hats sound really weird.
Ok, I just wasn't sure where 1.2 was in the beta testing process. If the bugs are better now, then I'll get the upgrade.

Thanks for the info!
I know that my computer is a very slow running computer, and 1.2 is in beta, so I don't want to risk my computer having problems with 1.2. If my computer ran like it should, it would be a non-issue, but it runs fairly slowly, so it is something I have to take into consideration.
I love the opening, might want to tone down a bit on the bass and drums. Those literally come out of nowhere, so it was a bit of a surprise after all of the lovely smooth chords. Maybe some sort of build up and ease into the heavy bass. Then again, that's just my preference. If you want it as a kind...
I know that the spectrum analyzer is there, what I am referring to is the visual eq where you can see the sound spectrum so you know where to apply eq.
I've noticed in a few tutorials and posts on here of people talking about the spectrum equalizer, where you can see the sound as you eq, but is it only in LMMS 1.2.0.? I have 1.1.3., and I don't see the spectrum equalizer, so maybe it's just a version thing? I would love some clarification on this i...
Definitely something that needs to be done. I'm not a coder, so I wouldn't know where to begin when it comes to developing this, but they definitely need to be done!