Thanks for the feedback! Anything that you noticed might need work?
I like how it flows from one segment to the other without a whole lot of sudden hits that seem to come out of nowhere. It's also a really clean mix. Can't wait to hear it with lyrics, it's really good already. Nice job!
I really think you need to use some better compression on your drums. Is there an effect you're using on the kick drum? I can only hear it on the left side of my headphones. If not, it may just be my headphones. Other than that, it's a great track!
Hey y'all, just released my newest track "Toxic Acidity" on SoundCloud. I really do hope you take the time to listen to it, as it is probably one of my best tracks yet! Be sure, like always, to tell me what you think, and where I could go from here. Thanks!
The offbeat percussion in the beginning is definitely hi-hats. There is a difference between an open hi-hat sound and a closed hi-hat sound. I believe LMMS comes with several hit-hat samples. There is also a lot of random percussion thrown in as well. I would encourage you to take a look in the LMMS...
No problem, the 303 was just a bit too aggressive.
Using the 303 lead might have been a bit much, but other than that, it's a solid track. Great work!
Y'all have heard of Deadmau5, right? I made a sort of tribute to his work "Ghosts 'n Stuff." Be sure to check it out! I am aware that at 1:00, the transition to the opening chord progression is fairly weak, so ...
Definitely impressive, keep up the good work!
Definitely could use some more attention on the drop and melody, but a solid track nonetheless.