I got the update and have had some troubles with it crashing, but I just got it, so it might resolve itself in time. I’m confident that it will work, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
Just got the update! Now that I have it, I'll have to get used to seeing everything in this new format. It'll take me a bit, but I'll get there eventually. Thanks to all the developers who worked on this!
Thanks for the advice! I currently have been spending several hours a day on it, so it’s been kind of a problem that I’ve started noticing. Again, thanks for the advice! :D
I’ve been having problems with just living life in general, and producing music. How do I live a life without spending all my time on music? This is more a question of just scheduling it and being able to retain ideas over a prolonged period of time.

Thanks for the advice!
Yeah, I noticed that myself. Really, I made it to be mixed with other songs, but I realize that it still needs a good intro as a stand-alone song.
Is the link not working or something? I thought I posted it in my reply to Brandy. If it’s not working, let me know! Thanks!
It sounds like maybe a Supersaw layered with a square wave? I’m pretty sure I’m hearing a square wave in there somewhere. There’s also minimal attack and release, so there’s also that. Try playing around with the triple oscillator plugin. Good luck!
The link to this track is in the above post for anyone who wants to give it a listen!
Thank you all for the advice! Btw, I posted the link to the other track I posted, Brandy. Sorry, I forgot to post the link in the original post!
From what I understand, you want to keep drums and bass centered, unless you’re doing swirling hi-hats or something. Chords should be slightly off-center, and synth melody should be off center. If you have vocals, those should be kept centered, just like drums and bass. Musikbear would know more, bu...