If i understand your question 'Can i use vst- effects in lmms , then yes, you unpack the vst to the library that you has chosen as your "VST plugin directory" you choose this library via the Edit | Settings dialog Restart lmms Next time you open lmms the FX browser will show the effect-VST when you ...
thank you, but what version:
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and ..propl not
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
it would be unfourtunate if plugins from ealier versions vere unable to work with new versions of lmms. wheater or not future versions of lmms will be equibed with all the plugins we have now is not a serious isue, as long as it is posible to insert older plugins in newer versions. Eg , when you upd...
try the method from the wiki
http://lmms.sourceforge.net/wiki/index. ... _with_VSTs
"How to use VSTige Instrument Presets "
Did that work?
Some users have problems with the presavation of the settings for files, folders and other defaults. a post this week gave me an idear. For this reason i would like to ask XP-users that has installed service-pack-3 to post here wheater or not their LMMS installation (0.4.9) works flawlessly in respe...
here is your file
i think they keep them for a month for no paying members
I could export your project with no problems at all, on default export settings. It seams that it is a vista related problem -not so huge a surprize :/
4 gb+ would perhaps remove the problems..

vista sucks :/
i will take a look on your project and see if i can export flawlesly on my old xp. i fear 3gb of ram for vista, is in the low end :/
not strange at all- it shows that lmms works properly, but the ram needed to export a large project is missing. It is a sad fact that vista needs >3 gb RAM in order to function ..at all, most recommend 4 gb If you do have 4 gb, the next focuspoint could be a vst? If you use a vst that is not in the ...
first try if this is a generic problem: open a new project add say 10 notes to the default 3oc in the songeditor and export that 'project' If this fails, it is proven that generic exports are faulty. If it is a succes, then it is most likely that you have a vst in the problem-project that causes the...