This one does sound better I think :)

Elvis Presley thats were I know this track off.
Thank you, I am starting to understand the, there are no covid 19 test, arguments. Also the part about why the test should not but used, but I can see there is no alternative yet. Your last sentence says it all though. I am making progress in that area, by wondering if I see a vid, what is the perso...
Been reading allot. PCR test is not suited to detect complete viruses. Which brings me back to how do they know people died of covid 19. If I get it right they look for and might find some RNA but that does not tell anything about if they are contagious or ill. Musik bear knows more about this then ...
Lets start by you telling us what OS your using.

Linux ? Windows? 64 bit ?

Were did you download LMMS from?

From here ?
What is your budget ? Ryzen 5 with 8 gig ram should be more then enough. Rx 570. Its what I have and for LMMS its kinda over powered. Might be cheaper to go for a cpu with integrated graphics, if you using the pc just for LMMS. Any hardware not to old, should be more then enough. Maybe find somebody...
Fight The power - Public Enemy.

Who are creating this crisis?

We had to safe the banks , and now again there is a crisis. I doubt it to be coincidence.

Just ignore the spammer and report him :)
Thank you, have to say I got nervous when he said I needed an open mind.

I watch allot of science programs ( about our universe) and they never start like that. :P
Found this would like musikbear to comment on it.
Is this a theory or is this proven ? ...
Right now quite happy , I am using the wave file from LMMS. I have been working a bit on the track too in LMMS, and it sounds better now. Sadly this mend I had to do allot of work. There is no updating the lights reacting to the song, so had to redo them all with the wave file. Like how corridor loo...
Congratz :)