You need to hurry up. :P

You still have to watch my vid. With, at least I think so improved version of the music track.

Are you looking for studio monitors, or ?
Are you connecting the keyboard, and then start LMMS, the other way round will probably not work.
As far as I know its not possible yet, but it will be.

Don't know when though.
Thank you, yes its almost a happy little accident, like bob ross used to say.

Made something and did not like how it looked, then just made it reflective, and ended up with this. :)
Bump, maybe it was the server switch? :P Quality on you tube is not as good as vid at my pc. I found out why, its the codec you tube uses, for channels with not much followers. Need to do some more digging if I can around this, some claim uploading a higher resolution version will force VP9 instead ...
Newer version, with also slight improvements to the lmms track.

Quite happy but not totally on the speed. But here is not simple fix for that.
Good luck :)
You are missing the point.

This feature has been requested before. It will probably come one day, but nobody knows when.

Asking the devs, about every week that LMMS needs to be able to record audio won't help.

If your on Linux and its that important to you, try audour. ( which is not totally free)
Install Audacity, record what you want, then import the file into LMMS. (through the audio file processor)

So yes that is possible. :) I suspect not only the bpm is wrong. You're not in the key right either I think. Claims its F sharp and 122 bpm I am more leaning to...